SoundEar Classic

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Noise has become a nuisance to more and more people – but you don’t have to put up with uncomfortable and detrimental noise levels with the risk of hearing damage any longer. SoundEar® gives you the ultimate noise abatement tool.

These noise indicators, SoundEar®2000 and SoundEar® present a clear and unmistakable warning as soon as the noise exceeds the limit. Children and adults can easily understand the warning symbol so that immediate action can be taken to do something about the noise. You can adjust the noise limit on the device to suit the function of the room.

SoundEar®’s elegant and effective design fits in everywhere, it is easy to find room for this compact unit on the wall and its user friendliness is superb.



SoundEar® is almost identical to SoundEar®2000. The difference is that SoundEar® only has two noise limit settings. The device is set from the factory to warn at 85 dB, which is the max. noise level for normal surroundings. You can easily adjust this limit to 105 dB, which is the max. noise level for music practice rooms and concert halls. SoundEar®2000 presents a yellow warning ear just before the noise limit is reached.

SoundEar® is well suited to all those who require a simple and precise noise indicator. e.g. children’s day care centres, after-school care centres, schools, youth clubs, music academies, rehearsal rooms, concert halls, discotheques, pubs, offices and industry.

Technical data

  • Tolerance threshold: ± 1dB
  • Power supply: Connect to normal electrical socket using the enclosed transformer.
  • Power consumption: app. 3W
  • Dimensions: 28 x 28 x 6 cm
  • Weight: app. 1,5 kg
Teknisk info


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Produsent SoundEar

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