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Midas 502 V2 microphone preamp

500 Series

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500 Series Modular Midas Microphone Preamplifier with Classic XL4 Filters


  • High performance, compact 500 Series premium Midas microphone/line preamplifier
  • Award-winning Midas amp has been enhanced with quad discrete ultra low noise input transistors
  • Legendary Midas input allows up to +24 dBu signal levels with no pad while featuring the much loved soft clipping characteristic
  • Classic Midas XL4 swept low and high pass filters with independent selection switches
  • Switchable twin aux balanced output gives you mic/line splitter capability when installed in Midas L6 or L10 racks
  • Unique twin precision 11 segment LED circular input and output level metering
  • High accuracy rotary switch gain control with 60 dB range in 5 dB steps
  • Output gain trim with ±20 dB range controls input and output stage colouration
  • Total gain range is an amazing -20 dB to +80 dB easily accommodating low output mics
  • Large gain trim knobs provide precise control of input and output gains
  • Illuminated switches for filters, +48V, polarity reverse and (TX) twin aux output enable
  • Power up mute relays prevent switch on thumps
  • Premium quality components throughout for a crystal-clear audiophile signal path
  • Designed and engineered in the U.K.


In response to the many customer requests received over the years, the award-winning Midas Microphone Preamp is now available as an add-on to any mobile or recording system. When used in conjunction with the LEGEND L10 or L6 500 Series Rackmount Chassis, the MICROPHONE PREAMPLIFIER 502 provides the ideal solution for users seeking the legendary Midas sound in a modular format that boasts upgraded, premium-quality performance. Additionally, the 502 module utilises the same swept low and high pass filters found in the iconic XL4 Live Performance Mixing Console.

Award-Winning Mic Preamp

The Midas Microphone Preamplifier is considered by leading live sound and recording engineers as the very essence of the famous Midas sound. Decades of design experience paired with premium-grade components is the foundation of that acclaimed warmth and depth, which brings out subtle ambience, maintains spatial positioning, and more effectively captures a precise sound image. That warm and organic Midas sound has been heard by millions of concert goers – and recorded for posterity on countless live albums. The award-winning mic preamplifier in the 502 module has even been upgraded via the implementation of four discrete ultra low noise input transistors for even more transparent and ultra low noise performance.

Sweet Forgiveness

Over the years, many mix engineers have found this robust and overload-tolerant preamp design takes on a whole new dimension when driven hard. The 502 module’s input stage allows up to +24 dBu signal levels with no pad requirement, while featuring the much loved soft clipping characteristic that provides crystal-clear audiophile reproduction with just the right amount of harmonics.

Classic Midas XL4 Filters

Our XL4 mixers are legendary for their uncompromising sonic characteristics, impressive versatility, and ease of use. The 502 mic preamp honours that legacy by bringing back the low and high pass filters that helped make the XL4 so popular. The low pass filter control adjusts the filter frequency from 1 kHz to 40 kHz, while the high pass filter control adjusts from 10 Hz to 400 Hz (both -3 dB points).

Twin Balanced Outputs

The main output of the 502 module is the same electronically balanced output you will find on most Midas mixing consoles. This configuration provides an extremely clean signal even when operating at very high signal levels. The TX switch enables the twin aux output when fitted in a Midas L6 or L10 rack, this is a second independently driven balanced output which is identical to the main output. This gives the 502 active mic/line splitter capability for ultimate flexibility, these high current outputs can drive longer audio cables with ease.

Precision LED I/O Metering

A mic preamp of this calibre requires equally accurate I/O metering – and the 502 delivers in a big way. The high precision 11-segment rotary LED meter reads the signal post amplifier/pre filter, providing input metering from -20 dBu to + 20 dBu in 4 dB steps. A similar meter is provided for output trim adjustment from -20 dBu to + 20 dBu in 4 dB steps.

High Accuracy I/O Rotary Controls

Gain control is provided by a large precision 12-position rotary switch with gain settings from 0 (unity gain) to +60 dB in 5 dB increments, while a fully variable potentiometer is provided for the output trim across a ±20 dB range. When used in combination, total maximum gain is an impressive + 80 dB, more than enough to accommodate even low level ribbon microphones. Additionally, the output trim control can be used to control colouration; the input gain can be increased to take advantage of the overload tolerant mic amplifier and the output trim can used to control the output level.

Illuminated Switches

All of the 502 modules push-button switches feature LED illumination when activated for fast and easy status verification. Switches include the low pass filter IN switch, which inserts the low pass filter into the signal path; the high pass filter IN switch, which inserts the high pass filter (both post input gain/pre output-trim); the phase reverse switch, which inverts signal phase 180°; the 48V switch, which supplies +48 Volts phantom power via the 500 Series Rackmount Chassis; and the twin aux output (TX) selector. Add this to the 502’s brilliant metering and you have instant at-a-glance confirmation of all preamp parameters.

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