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Engl E810 Rack Tube Poweramp

2x20W Rackmonterbar poweramp

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POWERAMP 20/20 E810


The tube amplifier E810 is only one height unit high, but has really steam under the hood. The EL84 tubes deliver 2 x 20 watts and sound somewhat more moderate than the big sister EL34, but the E810 is not a child of sadness. Whenever British-inspired tube sound is in demand in a compact format, it plays its trump card. With the separate presence and depth controls per channel, the sound can be even more individually influenced, they act as a sort of equalizer. Together with the volume controls A and B, two different volumes with different tonal characteristics can be called up. All of course footswitchable. Great tube sound in the smallest space!



  • 2 Channels: Left A / Right A, Left B / Right B
  • All Tube stereo Rack Poweramp
  • 1 HE
  • Ground Lift
  • Power Tube Monitor
Sound Options
  • Gain P.A.
  • A/B Sound Set
  • Volume Left A
  • Volume Left B
  • Volume Right A
  • Volume Right B
  • Presence A L&R
  • Depth A L&R
  • Presence B L&R
  • Depth B L&R
  • Speaker Output Left (1 x 8 ?, 1 x 16 ?)
  • Speaker Output Right (1 x 8 ?, 1 x 16 ?)
  • Z4 (Volume A/B, Sound Set A/B)
Preamp Tubes
  • 3 x Engl ECC83 / 12AX7
Output Tubes
  • 4 x Engl EL84


Output Wattage: 2 x 20

Dimensions: 19" 1HE

Weight: 5.6 kg

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