Tonebone Bones Vienna Chorus

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Tonebone Bones Vienna Chorus
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  • Old school analog bucket brigade chip
  • Dual channel for quick choral changes
  • Individual Rate and Depth for each chorus channel
  • Turbo mode for extra wild effects
  • Standard 9 volt power supply operation


The Bones Vienna Chorus is a two channel chorus pedal that mimics the effect of a Leslie rotating speaker by allowing the guitarist to instantly transition between a moderate choral to an intense vibrato with the stomp of a footswitch.  This can be particularly useful when switching the chorus between a verse and a bridge to create lush and exciting effects.


Unlike today’s common digital chorus pedals, the Vienna is ‘old school’. The distinctive warm tone is captured by way of a new old stock (NOS) Panasonic MN3007 - circa 1980 bucket brigade chip from the early days of analog delay & chorus pedal development. What makes the Vienna particularly impressive is that unlike older analog chorus pedals that were plagued with noise and hiss, the Vienna is quiet. In fact so quiet it rivals today’s digital alternatives. This means that tone aficionados can finally rejoice with the character and feel of a vintage chorus pedal without the noise.  Both chorus channels are equipped with individual rate and depth controls for full 2-channel performance.  The effect is augmented with ‘turbo mode’ which introduces a proprietary oscillator waveform frequency while increasing the range. This let’s you transition from a slight choral to extreme warble, tremolo or vibrato - opening the door to explore new sonic landscapes.


Optimized for pedalboards, the Vienna is super compact and employs 9V powering to suit the various DC power bricks that are now common with multi-pedal systems.  (Power supply is not included). To keep mayhem under control, full size LEDs provide high-visibility status indicators for dark stages. And like all Radial products, the Vienna is built ‘tough’ with 14 gauge steel and baked enamel finish to handle the rigors of professional touring.


The Vienna Chorus… warm sounding old-school analog chorus in a compact, two channel pedal.