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Behringer MH710 Moving head


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Compact Moving Head Wash Lighting Effect with RGBW LEDs


  • Professional 70-Watt compact moving head wash with 7 x 10-Watt RGBW CREE LEDs
  • 630 degrees panning x 220 degrees tilt range of motion
  • Electronic strobe and shutter effect
  • System can be operated via DMX console
  • Standalone operation via onboard display panel
  • Onboard sound-to-light mic module for creating light show from house music
  • Tight 15 degrees beam-angle
  • Bracket included for ceiling or truss-mount applications
  • Rugged metal construction ensures long-term reliability
  • Designed and engineered in Germany


The EUROLIGHT MOVING HEAD MH710 is a professional 7 x 10-Watt RGBW 4-in-1 LED moving head light ideal for stages, in the club, at exhibitions, in TV studios and in many other areas, the MH710 real RGBW mixing system under the lens ensures perfect colors. All features can be adjusted by the 4 buttons control panel with LCD display and you choose between 3 different modes of operation: DMX 512, sound control or master/slave mode. Universal DMX-compatible systems – It comes equipped with hanging brackets at a price bound to light up the eyes of even the most budget-conscious stage manager!

Real RGBW Color Mixing

The EUROLIGHT MOVING HEAD MH710 four-in-one LED provides a single point source for excellent optical control, efficient color mixing and simplified design. The red, green, blue and white beams produced by the high brightness chips are perfectly mixed and concentrated in a unique ultra-tight light-colored beam of 15° of high intensity while delivering an incomparable uniformity level, shadows or glare are eliminated.

3 Different Operation Modes

Versatility and Ease-of-Use with a fine adjustable pan of 630° and a tilt of 220° it provides extreme flexibility precise control for manual and automatic operation. EUROLIGHT MOVING HEAD MH710 can be easily operated with DMX 512 control with 13/19 preset function channels it also features a sensibility adjustable sound control, which will produce outstanding automatic effects at your music rhythm. Master/slave mode provide our exclusive blitz stage setting with 5 preset slave modes for instant easy setups.

What is DMX?

The EUROLIGHT MOVING HEAD MH710 can be operated by lighting control signals based on the DMX standard, which is a protocol developed to overcome the inconsistencies in non-standardized or proprietary lighting systems. Fully compatible with the incredible EUROLIGHT LC2412 and LC2412V2 (not included), next generation EUROLIGHT DMX controllers (not included) and any DMX official controller devices (not included).

Built to Stand the Test of Time

EUROLIGHT MOVING HEAD MH710 features extremely rugged construction, with a sturdy chassis designed to ensure long life – even under the most demanding conditions. It includes heavy-duty metal hanging brackets and safety hooks for secure hanging installation.

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