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Engl E1055 Ironbass

100W Bassforsterker, rør

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Even bassists are happy about the big sound in the small case - that’s what the Ironbass E1055 is for. Its features make the woofer’s heart beat faster. Leisetreterei is not his thing, 800 watts into 4 ohms speak a clear language. The ingenious sound control (Bass, Low-Mid, Hi-Mid, Treble, Presence), everyone finds his sound, whether Old School or modern. A DI-Out is a good thing with every Bassamp. The DI-Out of the Ironbass is equipped with groundlift circuit to suppress ground loops and a pre / post switch, which determines whether the signal is tapped before or after the EQ. With the Bass Boost on the deep foundation once again put on a Schaff, Ultra Bright makes the amp in the height range sharper draw. A sound all-rounder with just 6 kg!


  • 2 Channels: Clean, Drive
  • Tube Preamp
  • Class D power amp
  • Balanced Line Out (XLR) with Ground Lift switch
  • FX Loop with Balance control
  • Tuner out
Sound Options
  • High Gain Input
  • Low Gain Input
  • Mute
  • Drive
  • Bass Boost
  • Ultra Bright
  • Gain
  • Drive
  • 4-Band EQ
  • Presence
  • Volume
  • Poweramp Output (1 x 4 Ohm, 1 x 8 Ohm, 2 x 8 Ohm ||)
  • Z4
Preamp Tubes2 x Engl ECC83 / 12AX7Output Wattage
  • 500 W @ 8 Ohm
  • 800 W @ 4 Ohm


  • 34 x 14 x 22 cm


  • 6 kg
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