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Engl EP02 Delaypedal

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The whole spectrum of high-quality hall sounds can be found in the Reverb Custom Pedal. It ranges from light coloration of the signal with very short reverb flags to powerful “big” ambient sounds, really cathedrals-like. We put great emphasis on a natural Ausklingsverhalten. The Reverb Custom Pedal has two different modes: Mode 1 stands for classic reverb sounds, Mode 2 shows clear Ambience sounds. Close tolerance in the electronic components guarantee the best sound quality. A protection circuit, True Bypass and a second DC jack for Daisy Chaining complete the practical features.


  • MODE SWITCH (Position 1 is for standard Hall Reverb. 2 adds more ambience)
  • MIX (This control is essentially a wet/dry mix knob that lets you set the perfect balance to feel how saturated the effect feels. Left is less, right is more.)
  • DECAY (Controls adjust the decay time of the reverb. Left is shorter, right is longer.)
  • HI FREQ (This control is in function a high pass or highs roll off that lets you darken or brighten the overall effect when engaged.)
  • TRUE BYPASS (This footswitch turns the pedal effect on and off. When the effect is off, the signal is routed directly form the input to the output jack)


This pedal uses 9V DC negative center and is protected by a ZERO LOSS REVERSE POLARITY PROTECTION circuit. With the second DC jack you can supply additional effect devices (daisy chaining). Due to ecological reasons, the pedal does not accept batteries. Power consumption is 80 mA.

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