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Arturia Keystep Black Edition

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For å skape musikk med datamaskiner trenger man et tangentbord og andre funksjoner for å kunne kontrollere softwareinstrumenter.
Arturia har et stort utvalg som dekker de fleste behov og situasjoner uansett om du jobber i studio, på scenen, hjemme eller ønsker å være portabel. Selvfølgelig kan du også styre andre MIDI-produkter med Arturias USB-kontrollere. Her finner du også step-sequencere som bl. a kan styre analoge synther og kobler dem sammen med datamaskiner og annet MIDI-utstyr.

The Arturia KeyStep Black Edition is an essential tool for the modern musician, and ideal for performance as well as studio experimentation. Create polyphonic sequences on a virtual instrument in your DAW, sync with a modular drum machine using its CV connectivity, and play a melody at the same time through an outboard analog synth.


EXCLUSIVE! This limited edition version includes 3CV patch cables, and Ableton Live Lite.


The perfect small-format sequencer

Featuring a great-feeling 32-key keyboard, Arturia’s own small format “Slim keys” give you more range than regular small MIDI controllers do, and have a nice professional feel that’s often missing in budget MIDI keyboards. KeyStep has two switchable modes: arpeggiator and sequencer. As an arpeggiator, KeyStep lets you play arpeggios in multiple modes and time subdivisions, and in perfect sync with your DAW or other gear. As a sequencer, it totally redefines what’s possible with a small-format MIDI controller. Create and tweak huge patterns of up to 64 steps, and up to 8 notes of polyphony deep, all with the same controls as the arpeggiator.


Get your vintage gear and modern tech working together

KeyStep features multiple outputs, including 3 CV outs, sync in & out, MIDI in & out, as well as MIDI over USB, letting you synchronize practically any music tech gear whether vintage or modern, and have everything performing in harmony.


The professional’s choice

Whether it’s the sleek, contemporary look, the massive functionality, or even the fact it can be used with an iPad via the camera connection kit, the Arturia KeyStep is seen in studios everywhere. Massively affordable, yet hugely versatile. No simple MIDI keyboard; KeyStep is a controller that truly puts you in control.


  • Great software: Analog Lab Lite and Ableton Live Lite get you making music straight away
  • Included: comes with 3 CV patch cables for instant fun!
  • 32 Slim-Key keyboard: extend your range with the velocity-sensitive, great action keys, go beyond what other small controllers offer.
  • Powerful sequencer: KeyStep features an awesome 64 step melodic sequencer with 8 note polyphony, unheard of at this price point.
  • Control multiple synths & modules: featuring 3 CV outs, as well as sync in and out, KeyStep can become the hub of your creative setup.
  • Simple to connect & power: the Micro-B USB connection provides power, as well as sending and receiving MIDI data.
  • Capacitive pitch and modulation strips: quick, easy access to performance controls.
  • Arpeggiator mode: experiment with chord sequences, or tweak your sound to perfect while the arpeggio plays in ‘hold’ mode.
  • Chord mode: play in your chord of choice one note at a time, and replay anywhere on the keyboard using the built-in Chord mode.
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